Reliable Transmission Rebuild Shop Near Amesbury MA

Reliable Transmission Rebuild Shop Near Amesbury MA
Reliable Transmission Rebuilding has been in business since 1997. Our specialty is rebuilding transmissions, differentials and transfer cases for most auto and truck makes. I’m Cliff Bissonnette, owner and operator. I have been a mechanic most of my working years. Today’s transmissions can be a challenge. I’m trained in the electro mechanical field. I have gained my knowledge in Electronics by working on fighter jets during my military service.

I am conversant with today’s complex computer controlled systems. Once an ASE certified technician, I was the lead tech at numerous dealerships. Because of my strong background I’m told that I’m known in the industry as a ‘technician’s tech’.

Experienced Transmission Rebuild Shop Near Amesbury MA

It is because of my honest and knowledgeable reputation that Reliable Transmission Rebuilding survived a horrible devastating fire in Beverly, Ma March of 2004. I am hands on. I perform proof checks on every vehicle. My mission is to provide you with a simple cost effective repair.

What Is The Transmission Rebuild Going to Cost?

If the simple repair route will get you the extra several thousand miles you want from your vehicle, then I will present that option to you. If, on the other hand it is determined that a major overhaul is needed, you will be told exactly what needs to be done and be given a range of potential costs. Many times it is possible to give a firm price before hand. There are no hidden fees, no surcharges and no extra cost for difficult conditions. Learn more about transmission repair cost .

An Affordable Transmission Rebuild Shop Near Amesbury MA

We maintain a large stock of common transmissions and parts in an effort to assist us in getting you back on the road as soon as possible. Truck transmissions are by far the easiest to stock. With today’s numerous design changes and gear ratios, custom rebuilding for many front wheel drive cars has become a necessity. My dedicated staff is friendly and professional. We will walk you through every step of the repair process.

Let Us Do A Free Auto or Truck Inspection

We look forward to providing you with a FREE auto or truck inspection. We will explain our results in a clear straight forward manner. Join our hundreds of satisfied customers. The bulk of our work comes from referrals, a testimonial to our quality reputation.

We are the transmission rebuild shop near you that can get the job done right