Answers About The Cost Of Rebuilding A Transmission


Q: Can you tell me what is the cost of rebuilding a transmission

A: In most cases, not all, with the correct information it is possible to provide a firm cost of rebuilding a transmission. The transmission case and most of the hard parts must be re-usable. The quote would cover the unit cost. Additional costs can sometimes occur. Mounting components, universal joints, flex-plates, flywheels, exhaust, cooling systems, linkages, valve body, computer and electrical problems can and sometime do incur additional costs.

Q: My vehicle transmission is hesitating when I try to go.

A: Hesitating is a vague description that requires more information to diagnose. You may have a fuel supply issue, restricted exhaust, faulty ignition system, brake problem, computer/sensor problem and very possibly a transmission issue. The problem may also be caused by old worn out fluid causing a shudder in your torque converter. It is often best to have a specialist look at the issue before just requesting that the transmission be rebuilt. We diagnose for free when you have the repairs done with us.

Q: Does the cost of rebuilding a transmission include a new transmission?

A: I will do whatever is reasonable and possible to satisfy you. Sadly factory-new units which are in a different category than remanufactured or rebuilt units are rarely available or cost effective.

Q: What is involved in rebuilding a Transmission?

A: The transmission is dismantled. The case is hot tanked and inspected. Worn centering and load-bearing bushings/bearings are replaced. Pumps get dismantled and cleaned. Clutches and bands are replaced. Worn and damaged hard parts are repaired or replaced. The valve body is replaced or dismantled and cleaned. Trouble areas in the valve body are checked for problems and repaired by parts replacement or machining. Internal wiring is inspected. Electrical solenoids are cleaned and inspected or just replaced. I bench test every solenoid whenever possible. The unit is reassembled, painted and reinstalled with a rebuilt torque converter.

Q: Do you install used transmissions or will you install my transmission?

A: Yes I will as long as you understand there is no labor warranty for used or customer supplied units. Rebuilds have priority over used installations.

Q: What warranty comes with the cost of rebuilding a transmission?

A: Warranty terms can vary. The standard warranty is 2 years or 24 thousand miles, or whichever comes first.

Q: Do you have towing and is it free?

A: I will in most cases tow for free. I prefer disabled cars be towed by your AAA membership. You pay for the service, why not make use of it.

Q: How long will it take to complete the repairs?

A: I understand that in most cases a vehicle being down creates hardship. Repair time is denoted by work load, parts availability, complexity and the type of repair. Turnaround time varies. It is far better to take the needed time to repair properly than having to do the job all over again because I rushed under pressure.

Q: My transmission is doing something funny. Is it okay to keep driving?

A: Cost and time wise it is better to have the vehicle looked at immediately. Correcting a small problem can sometimes prevent a major one.